John Munter’s Anti-Aging Methodologies

The world which we perceive is a tiny fraction of the world which we can perceive, which is a tiny fraction of the perceivable world, you see. We operate on a very narrow slice based on cultural conventions. 

1)  Sleep and Rest
     I only work out twice a week but am still always getting stronger.  I think it takes my body 3 days to recover and rebuild from my workout.  If you work out too frequently you tear down when you could be building up.  A 2014 study in ‘Missouri Medicine’ authored by James O’Keefe and Robert Schwartz shockingly reveals that marathoners running for 25 years have 62% more plaque in their arteries than sedentary men.   This is a major wake-up call to athletes but there are many totally unanswered questions.   It is clear that ‘extreme’ exercise now should probably be coupled with ‘extreme rest’—like two or three days in between workouts—and probably ‘extreme’ nutrition.  There probably are ‘extreme’ benefits like the natural production of human growth hormone for extreme exercise if a fine line can be walked.  A heart scan to check the level of coronary artery calcium can often be done for under 300$ and seems like valuable monitor.  A better test if this raises flags is doing it running a dye through your veins that costs 500-1000$.
     A recent theory involving Alzheimer’s is that not getting enough sleep doesn’t allow the brain to cleanse itself so that plaques build up to create the disease.

2)  High Intensity Interval Training.  
    This can be as simple as a run/walk alternation several times a week but ramping up and down your metabolism within one workout—say 8 times—seems to act as a pump cranking out hundreds of times more natural human growth hormone to keep you young.  Any exercise will work.   I prefer to use a weight machine circuit where I do, for example, 100 reps then walk around and rest for 5 minutes, and on to the next machine.  It takes me 2 ½ hours twice a week.
     An adjunct to HIIT is the Persian and Chinese root, astralagus, called by the Chinese ‘yellow leader’ because of its key role in anti-aging and in the immune system.  Recent research indicates four of its constituents increase human growth hormone in animal studies.  Other studies indicate astralagus has a positive role to play in telomere length which keeps us young.  It is inexpensive.

3)  Rhodiola or Golden Root supplement
     It is very inexpensive being unknown but studies show it extends the lifespan of fruit flies by 24%.  What is terribly impressive, though, is that it acts on top of other life extending modalities like calorie restriction and resveratrol by protecting cells against oxidative stress.  It has no real side effects but improves mood, memory, and stamina.  It grows in cold climates at high elevations and is the favorite of KGB agents.

4)  Resveratrol
     This extends life span in lab animals similar to calorie restriction and by repairing DNA.  The best formula I have found is a Shaklee one called ‘Vivix’ that is very expensive.

5)  Fo-ti
     Also called Polygonum multiflora is a key element of Chinese medicine used for anti-aging purposes for thousands of years.  Recent research indicates Fo-ti  may pull adult stems out of the bone marrow and into the blood stream for healing, strengthens immune function, lowers cholesterol, and improves hardening of the arteries among many other things.  The famous Chinese herbalist, Chung Yin, took it every day and reportedly had 24 wives and lived to be 256 years old.

6)  Chaga Tea
     Chaga is a mushroom growing on birch trees that is higher in anti-oxidant value than anything AND has extremely high anti-cancer effects.  See analysis by Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for their positive view.  Some people suggest it could be not only used as a preventative but as the only therapy for cancer.  It seems safe as an adjunct to therapy as well.   Chaga can also be obtained cheaply in supplement form.

7)  Anti-oxidants and Supplements
     These are too numerous to mention but try bilberry.  It is fairly inexpensive and sold for eyesight improvement but opens up the micro capillaries in the whole body and brings about just amazing improvement in performance.  It is like blueberry and English pilots used its jam to improve their gunner’s eye during WW II.

  • Vitamin D3 has been shown to extend life spans.
  • Oregano kills prostate cancer cells in the laboratory.
  • Tumeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and an anti-cancer agent and tried experimentally by the M D Anderson Cancer center intravenously.
  • Dulse (black seaweed) in granular form on food is said by Japanese and Russian researchers to be the best leaching hot nuclear particles from the body and I believe it has helped my workouts in cleansing what is there.
  • Kakadu Plum Concentrate--This plum grows in the extreme climate of Australia and is famous for helping aboriginal people traverse the desert with its unusual profile of phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants.  I have noticed sleep, workout, and stress improvements.  It is currently very inexpensive in probably being so unknown.