Sophia’s Orphan Child: John Lamb Lash

     John Lamb Lash (JLL) at is like the crazy uncle at the wedding who dances with all the hot young women, butts into all the conversations with his sharp viewpoints and tells long, boring, head-shaking stories but who when Mom shows up one can see their long, ecstatic and tender embrace and it is realized that John was present at the origin of the family story and has a big piece of the alcoholic and dysfunctional family story to tell to be melded into the warp and weave of the tapestry.

     Again, JLL is like a painting in an Impressionist museum. Rather than walking up close to the mess of splashed on paint, one needs to back off twenty feet to witness the syzygy of the wild passion and the incredible precision at a distance and wonder at the artist as well as the overall masterpiece of the work.

     JLL wants us do this. He labors like Sisyphus to stay within his guidelines but takes his lead from Sophia that unintended consequences and errors are a natural part of creation.

     Indeed, his reconstruction of the Sophia Mythos could be reconfigured in different formats. He freely admits, for example, the number of aeons in the Pleroma could be twelve, thirty, forty, or four hundred from existing literature. He doesn’t discuss that the number could be merely allegorical. The ‘thirty’ could have come from the number of disciples of John the Baptist, for example, which represented the lunar cycle.

     His mega idea of identifying the Pleroma, or godhead, with the black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is certainly in line with interpretations from the Nag Hammadi Codices which is a wholly other order of magnitude and nature of being in our vicinity. That this massive black hole like others that is a well of quantum activity lends itself to mystical speculation should not raise an eyebrow.

     The descent or fall of the youngest aeon, Sophia, from the Pleroma into the third of four spiral arms of the Galaxy in an act of creation is also lends itself to a traditional interpretation.

     What is surprising is that JLL seems to have no higher or lower Sophia’s in his schema as the Valentinians did. Indeed, Simon Magus posited First Thought as the first emanation of the Uncreated who can be identified with the names of Barbelo/Holy Spirit/Sophia. What can be sorted out from his enemies is that Simon Magus held that Sophia fell from the very highest to the lowest state where she wandered the earth in the manner of the Jewish Holy Spirit after the First Temple had been destroyed (as well as in the manner of Isis searching to piece together the body parts of Osiris). JLL does allow, generally, that all being works in the mechanics of a syzygy but beyond that he doesn’t go.

     Rather in the spirit of Sophia wandering the earth, JLL has Sophia fallen into a state of being trapped in the earth. This is in rather sharp contrast to other gnostic views which see her repenting, rescued, and dwelling above the archontic realm surrounding the earth in the ‘Ogdoad’.

     The Egyptians had a tradition of addressing all gods and goddesses as a goddess in the Hall of Maat which would be equivalent to the Pleroma. This recognizes the true inner nature of the god or of reality. This and the quantumly connected idea of the higher and lower Sophia would be a solution to the perception of where Sophia is. The Shamanic ayahuasca experience of the Green Goddess is testament to the presence of an earth goddess. Whether Sophia is the intelligence of the earth that does double duty elsewhere or shares charismatically in the awareness of the earth goddess may be a matter of semantics.

     What is also surprising is identification of the syzygy of Sophia. Legends of Simon held that he considered himself the Son who came to rescue Sophia, his ‘lost sheep’. Later Valentinian views developed a series of Sons or Saviors who emanated from each other in succession corresponding to the higher and lower Sophia’s which could be viewed as over-shadowing of one to the other in the manner of ‘The Second Treatise of the Great Seth’ and ‘Dialogue of the Savior’ where Simon (who is mythologically equivalent, in my view, to ‘Jesus’) is over-shadowed or channels a figure called ‘the Son of Man’ which, literally, is Seth whose father was a Adam. You get the idea.

     JLL uses the very obscure name, Thelete, for the first Pleromic syzygy of Sophia. Then, since Thelete did not descend out of the Pleroma it was another aeon named Christos who was her helpmate. It is not clear why these two could not have been different iterations of being at different levels like the lower and higher Sophia.

     The answer to why JLL does not posit higher and lower Sophia’s and Christ’s lies in the nature of his revelation. He is Sophia’s Orphan Child because he is the over-write for the demiurge of the Sophia Mythos, Yaldabaoth (or Ialdabaoth).

     Where Yaldabaoth reigned supreme in the primitive matter of the early solar system and galaxy and tried to ignore his Mother and the higher realms the lone, self-taught sage from Maine with his tsunami of erudition has uncovered every nugget of Sophia’s presence that he could find from every corner of the earth and sky to array in open-source format.

     Where Yaldabaoth established hierarchies of archons dimensionally arrayed in spiritual materialism, JLL rejects all sky gods and mental metaphysics that are not grounded in a star system or in an operation of the earth.

     Where Yaldabaoth has influenced the archontic control systems of the earth towards violence, hierarchy, and sexual abuse, JLL calls for a planetary love awakening which is Gaia Sophia within each person and in small groups.

     Where the Abrahamic faiths wait for a male savior to incarnate and destroy all their enemies, JLL sees a docetic, humanoid image of Gaia Sophia who will work organically with her human hosts.

     Jll is, fundamentally, Sophia’s Correction from the archontic deviation rather than some general arbiter of abstract metaphysics. He is the down-to-earth Zen master of the Sophia Mythos. He is the exotericist of the esoteric. As such, he is to be taken somewhat allegorically since any materialization of consciousness is inherently a cosmic joke—as we all are in some way.

     Consistent with his earthly focus and conveniently to not give energy to the deviation, JLL denies archontic entry into earth’s precincts by holding that archons were not able biologically to engineer us—which goes counter to the Sumerian stone tablets and modern e.t. revelations. He holds that they are fundamentally a deceiving force of the mind albeit that they have had a devastatingly dark hold on the earth. He views them as arising inorganicly before the earth was created.

     This is not at all a necessary conclusion. The texts can be read to conclude that the archons failed to capture our souls but did engineer our ‘shadow’ or physical body. They could have arisen in other star systems organic development and developed a swarm or hive consciousness over time. From the Nag Hammadi and current literature they are clearly shape-shifters and clearly can exert some control over the human body.

     JLL does identify the antidote to archons, though, which is the raising of the kundalini life force up into the heart and mind. It is the consistent view of the seers of old that it is the increase in the light body that makes an individual invisible to the archons. However it is not just mental yogic exercises but the release of negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, and fear which do the trick according to the Nag Hammadi Codices.

     Where religionists in standard practice call for divine intervention, JLL in a needed Correction calls for human intervention on behalf of the enslaved earth and Gaia Sophia even to the point of permitting violence if it is undertaken in defense of the community and with community approval. This comes from a deep historical critique of the near total destruction of the great pagan civilizations and mystery schools of the past.

     The Nag Hammadi Codices (NHC), however, are confident of the final destruction of the archons as if they never were. JLL sees the warrior goddess, Sophia, as accomplishing this—with assistance, assuredly. However, there is another way of viewing this timeline. JLL identifies the archontic species—and there are two that are both consistently and clearly described in both the NHC and current e.t. literature—as being ones that live off of other species primarily. They do this energetically by feeding off of emotions such as fear, envy, violence, and sexual energy. This is why the NHC and Sumerian stone tablets are full of reports of war and conflict even among themselves. Rather than playing archontic games it is logical to assume that the archontic food sources will dry up as humans evolve into their light bodies. The archons would have to prey upon themselves for entertainment and, so, be the source of their own destruction. In fact, human existence is becoming so dicey on planet earth that archontic food sources will be dried up under any scenario. Populations will either become illumined on mass to adjust to earth changes as the earth aligns with the Galactic center, or go extinct, or survive in much smaller, harmonious, permacultural communities which have a much better chance of excluding the archontic influence rather than large populations that can be manipulated from the top.

     One thing the presence of the archons cues us to is the existence of other dimensions we might otherwise choose to remain ignorant of. Indeed another possible mythological scenario is that all outcomes happen in different dimensional frequencies in Sophia’s dreaming. One can infer the possibility of other timelines from the shape-shifting of Yaldabaoth who might be able to pull that off by projecting his different appearances in another timeline to the one he wished.

   Indeed given the evidence for other dimensions in the NHC and current String or M theory it could be speculated that each dimension has their own slightly different physical component dimension where different scenarios play out.

     JLL also ignores one key point in his over-write and rejection of Yaldabaoth and his minions. In the fierceness of his stance he ignores the conversion of a son of Yaldabaoth who is named Sabaoth who rejects his father after understanding the lies being told. He is nurtured and mentored and ends up residing in a higher dimension which engenders the jealousy of Yaldabaoth. This is a key and important point that these archons are not all just inorganic, alien, and completely evil life forms doomed to destruction but are cousins capable of conversion in at least some cases which should soften our game so as not to play into the hands of archontic fanaticism but to focus on the light that shines for all in all creation.

John Munter

December 29, 2013