Ca 71

About this time the Jewish Christian ‘Second Apocalypse of James’ is published on Palestine as an in-group devotional piece that  responds to the letters of Paul by uplifting James and is published probably after the destruction of the Temple with the prediction of its demise and before the publishing of Mark.  It betrays no knowledge of--or bitterness towards--the Roman Gospels but rejects the Pauline mission in the voice of Jesus speaking of James: “you are not the redeemer or a helper of strangers” in uplifting James as a redeemer figure.  It has James challenging the Temple and High Priestly establishment as productions of a malevolent demi-urge.  The Holy Spirit makes a brief appearance as the ‘Virgin’.  Just prior to this Jesus is explained as the ‘milk brother’ of James.  It is possible this is a metaphor referring to an experience where James is “deliberating” with the milk being that of the Holy Spirit, the Mother.  The Second Apocalypse of James is probably also responding to the challenge not only of Paul but to the publishing of ‘Joseph and Asenath’ by entirely ignoring Mary Magdalene/Helen the Queen of Adiabene/Helen the consort of Simon Magus.