Ca 86 CE

The Roman Christian Gospel of Luke is the second Roman Gospel published for the general public.  It was possibly issued in the alarm over Domitian beginning to micro-manage religion and morals as the ‘perpetual censor’.  It became the great universal gospel uplifting women, Samaritans, and all other constituencies of the Roman Empire.  It spun the Gospel away from Judaism in taking the geneology of Jesus back to Adam rather than just to David.  So effective was this that the heretic Marcion in 150 Ca accepted only Luke among the Gospels.  Its companion book, Acts of the Apostles, documents how much magic was being practiced in the early churches before Church held sway: In 19:19, enough magical books were burned in Ephesus to total what Morton Smith estimated in 1978 to be $320,000.00.
     The fear of Domitian in this period may also have led to the editing of Mark to add more impressive Resurrection material and take out passages like ‘Secret Mark’ leading to the impression that Jesus was a mystery school teacher initiating Lazarous.