Ca 101 CE

The Egyptian Jewish Christian ‘The Hypostasis of the Archons’ is an Egyptian rendition of the Sophia Mythos embodying the Genesis story which is bracketed by a quote from the Gospel of Mark and one from Colossians in the introductory paragraph and a passage seeming to speak of the Second Coming of Christ in the summary section.  Colossians may have not been produced until Ca 80 CE by a Pauline School in Ephesus.  The summary section seems to be saying that Christ will be coming in three generations.  The person being interviewed and giving the answers would seem to be the Apostle Paul.  Assuming a quarter century for a generation and dividing in half we obtain Ca 101 CE as a rough date for publication after the death of Paul.
     The introductory paragraph after the Biblical quotes reads:   “(…) sent you this because you inquire about the reality (of the) authorities”.   It is suggested the first bracket contains (I have).  However, it could easily contain something else like (From Paul I have) or (We have).  The final summary only addresses a person being interviewed as: “Sir, how much longer?” Since there is no other indication of who ‘Sir’ might be and the answer entails a description of the coming of Christ then ‘Sir’ would have to be assumed to be Paul.  Therefor the inference is that the author is alleging Paul saying Christ will come in three generations from the end of Paul’s lifetime.
     The Hypostasis of the Archons is a book addressed to Roman Christians in Egypt which affirms Roman Christian fundamentals such as Pauline authority and the Second Coming while trying to make the case for Sophia Mythos interpretation of Genesis along with the idea that Paul affirmed the Sophia Mythos (probably secretly).