The Magdalene Cipher

(In Chronological Order of Development)

Each character depicted below is a literary reference to the same historical personage who in real life was known as Helen, Queen of Adiabene. She was such a rich, powerful, involved, influential, and controversial person that her identity had to be cloaked in deference to Roman sensibilities since her family members were martyred in the Roman war of ’66-’70 and she, herself, supported many out-lying groups.




In Jerusalem



Asenath Incarnation of Wisdom/Twin Soul  Daughter of Wealth     Two Children
Mary Magdalen  (‘Great Mary’) Leading Disciple Years Pay of Oil  yes GosTho. L 21
Sex. Inuendo 
Brother — Lazarus
Sister — Martha
Joseph of Arimathea Disciple Who Risked
Obtaining the body
Wealthy Member/Sanhedrin  yes    
Queen Kandake Eunuch (her son)
Baptized by Philip
Wealth of a Queen     Eunuch=King Izates
Nakdimon (Rabbinical) Name Imputes Miracles Extremely Wealthy yes Promised 21 years of Grain
Filled 21 Wells
Nicodemus  Night-time Instruction Very Wealthy Member/Sanhedrin      
Helen, Queen of Adiabene Converted by Judas Thomas Supported Temple Relieved Drought   Built Tomb
Built Palaces
21 year 
Penance, Harem
Two Children
(King Izates)
Paulina (Josephus) Very Pious, Consort Very Wealthy      
Fulvia (Josephus) Convert to Jewish Wisdom Teaching Very Wealthy    Seduced by a God  
Helen, the Consort Incarnation of Wisdom     Prostitute