Ca 150 CE

There is very little indication of when the Egyptian Jewish Christian book known as ‘On the Origin of the World’ was produced.  It was certainly not produced any earlier than late in the first century since it quotes Mark.  It was probably produced after the first century since it is more detailed and scholarly than the very similar Hypostasis of the Archons which was probably published first.  Yet, it has deep roots in Hebrew Wisdom speculation so it probably is not late.  It probably preceded the careers of Clement of Alexandria and his teacher, Pantaenus, who flourished in the second half of the second century and were quite Christocentric and affiliated with the world-wide Roman Church even though they were large reservoirs of secret mystery school information and revelation not given out to the public but intimated in the writings of Clement.
     The author of On the Origin of the World writes it not as a receiver of revelation but as a scholar who quotes his multitude of sources although most of them no longer are extant.