Ca 94 CE

The Roman Christian Acts of the Apostles is published by the same author who wrote Luke in a time when memories are fading away, principal witnesses to events are passing away, and there may be increasing anxiety about persecutions since it falsifies history.  Acts may have been written by Epaphroditus about this year since he probably had access to a manuscript of ‘Antiquities of the Jews’ by Josephus which he apparently used.  The journeys and theology of Paul conflict a bit with the letters of Paul.  James is cut out of the history pretty thoroughly with no mention of his election to succeed Jesus or his stoning.  Queen Helen and King Izates are satirized in the ‘Queen Kandake’ episode. Peter is transformed into a Pauline Christian.  No mention is made of the death of Paul who, also, hobnobs with the ‘rich and famous’ such as Festus, Felix and Drusilla in arguing that Christians are no threat to the Empire.